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Main areas

We can offer solutions and services for many geological and geotechnical areas, such as:


Seismic velocities determination
Determination of the scarificability of soils and rocks
Determination of the top of the subsurface rocks
Determination of the dynamic elastic constants of rocks and materials using:
- Crosshole essays - ASTM D 4428 specification.
- MASW essays
Measurements of Vibrations in Machines and Structures and particles acceleration.
Measurement of the electrical resistivity in subsurface for landfill purposes


Identification of plumes of contamination
Induced seismicity investigation


Determination of the groundwater level
Determination of fractures in crystalline aquifers
Determination of the subsurface direction of water flow


Evaluation of deposits
Determination of the thickness of caping
Determination of subsurface zones favorable to mineralization

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