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Magnetometry is a technique that uses the information of the geomagnetic field for the investigation of subsurface structures. The Earth's magnetic field induces the rocks and geological structures a secondary magnetic field, which overlaps or opposes the main field. These modifications of the magnetic field can be analyzed to investigate the sources of the anomalies.

It is a fast and efficient method for acquiring and processing the information, which can be used effectively in conjunction with other geophysical for evaluation of mineral exploration targets methods.

Alta Resolução is able to scale and perform magnetometric surveys, process the acquired data and perform analysis of the results as well as process and analyze data from magnetic and radiometric airborne surveys, which are usually acquired in conjunction with these data.


Search of metallic minerals, which typically present a contrast of magnetic susceptibility suitable for geophysical research;

Determination of regional parameters of average depth of magnetic sources for modeling of sedimentary basins and related structures.

Seismic Methods


Electrical Resistivity Methods

Electromagnetic Methods

Potential Methods

Underwater Investigation

Integration of Techniques

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