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Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves - MASW

MASW is an innovative technique for subsurface investigation and geotechnical engineering that allows a spectral analysis with the goal of providing a profile of the S-wave velocity versus depth .

Thus, it is possible to calculate different elastic constants as the shear modulus and also to estimate the mechanical resistance and the bearing capacity of the soil.

Another innovation of this method is the ability to conduct surveys in urban areas where seismic refraction can not be applied due to high environmental noise .


Determination of elastic properties of soil / rock

Identification of cavities and fracture zones

Delimitation of the thickness of the layers in the subsurface

Ideal for civil engineering , buildings and foundations

Advantages :

Allows surveys in urban areas

Allows the identification of low speed layers (less compact) below (more compact) faster layers.


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Electromagnetic Methods

Potential Methods

Underwater Investigation

Integration of Techniques

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